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Tailored to your needs

Suisse Alpine Ski Insurance offers sports retailers the opportunity to strengthen customer loyalty. And all this at extremely advantageous terms and with streamlined processes for the simple and transparent sale of services.

Sports retailers

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Enjoy powder snow and sunshine to the full, but only venture out onto the slope if you're well insured! There's nothing more annoying than finding your skis have disappeared after a warming fondue in a ski hut, or having your snowboard break during a thrilling descent. Our ski and snowboard insurance will help you to get skiing and snowboarding again – fast.

Your sports equipment (including bindings as a unit) and ski poles (other accessories are excluded) are insured for their current market value, without an excess, against the following risks for the duration of your skiing days:
  • Breakage
  • Theft
  • Loss
Skiing regions in Switzerland and in neighbouring countries. Insurance protection applies during usage, as well as during direct travel between the user’s home and the skiing region.
Sum insured 400.- 600.- 800.- 1000.- 1500.- 2500.-
Premium 35.- 55.- 75.- 85.- 95.- 165.-
The insurance is only valid if the premium is paid within 10 days of the date of purchase of the sports item.

Insurance period: 365 days from the date the insurance policy is taken out. After the first policy year, the insurance cover may be renewed for a further year.
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