To keep your watch ticking entirely correctly for longer

The warranty extension for your new sports watch

The warranty extension for your new sports watch

In Switzerland, every manufacturer will guarantee the flawless functioning of a sports watch for the first two years if you purchase the watch from a specialist shop or online from an authorised dealer.

WarrantyPLUS from Suisse Alpine Insurance will double this warranty period for you: treat yourself to four years of carefree enjoyment of your sports watch.

The smartwatch: timepiece, fitness tracker and motivator

Ever more people are wearing a sports watch – also known as a smartwatch – on their wrist. And their functions are becoming increasingly sophisticated: counting steps, measuring heart rate, reading messages, recording distances, monitoring sleep activity and supporting professional sports matches. Smartwatches can do increasingly more, whether running, jogging, walking, driving or hiking.

The fun involved with measuring one’s activities and visualising progress has enabled smartwatches to become the biggest motivators for greater exercise and fitness levels.

Depending on quality and functions, a sports watch will cost between 100 and 2000 francs. For such a valuable high-tech measuring instrument, it really is worth extending the function warranty from two to four years.

Ask your specialist dealer about WarrantyPLUS for your smartwatch

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